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Oil Vs the economy,,,currency reset

Well, oil is going up so, everything else must go down.
The total cost of crude as a percentage of world GDP is now 3.57%. The 1960 to 2015 average was been 2.48%. Every time, over the last 58 years, that the ratio has exceeded 3.25% the economy has gone into a recession within a year. There is no reason to believe that this time will be any different.
Besides the cost of crude, the taxes are rising on fuel. The State does not care.
A good article on oil depletion;
A good graph,

Armstrong, "I have explained that southern Europe got the worse deal. They converted their debts to Euro and then the Euro rose from 80 cents to $1.60 doubling their national debts and the austerity policy forced economic recession upon their economies with youth unemployment reach 60% in some regions known as the lost generation. "
This is the simplest explanation of what went wrong.

Special Discuss JUN 26, 2018 - MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The New Currency System is Coming
The whole world sees that the rising strength of the dollar is ripping the system apart. The obvious solution is to devalue the dollar AND make it less attractive.

Jim Willie, "the upcoming Systemic Lehman event that hits both sovereign bonds and entire banking systems, "
I suspect that Trump is making a fast trip to meet Putin because the system is failing fast.

Martin Armstrong Warning To All * Economic Collapse Isnít COMING, Itís Already HERE!
MARTIN ARMSTRONG Next Depression will Not Directly Effect Economy but Bonds and Governments
I just don't buy this.
Alex Jones;
Trillionaire Rothschild Warns His Own Central Banking System Is Failing and Buys Gold
The Dollar Vigilante

Deutsche Bank In PANIC MODE as Stock Near RECORD LOW and Market Shows MASSIVE Outflows!
The Money GPS
7/04 Carpet is about to be pulled out from under junk bond market Ė ZH
WAIT, they financed fracking.
"There is now $63 trillion of sovereign debt outstanding, with total debt at $237 trillion, a full $70 trillion above pre-Lehman levels.
There are only 11 sovereigns and only two U.S. firms left with a AAA rating,"
"The 2007 U.S. deficit at $161 billion or 1.1 percent of GDP pales in comparison to this yearís projection of $804 billion. Americaís public debt-to-GDP ratio has risen to over 105 percent of GDP from around 65 percent of GDP in 2008, with projections of a continued rise. In the euro zone too debt is now 20 percent higher, rising 60 percent in Spain; and Italyís public debt, already high in 2008, has now breached 130 percent of GDP, a full 30 percent higher than its 2008"

Trump will seal a deal with Putin so that America will still get oil after the dollar crashes. The meeting is soon. The U.S. military is the biggest user of petroleum in the world. Something's gotta give. The dollar will be devalued overnight. This has been done many times with many currencies. Prices will be set commensurate with our wages.

Jim Willie;
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