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Originally Posted by digits10 View Post
I finally took some time to just read & think through the patents. I'm reading the translated ones. In patent ... 4042, a couple things stand out to me. First, the details of the earth ground aren't mentioned. (Identified as 5 in the drawings.) Second, in Fig. 5, there are two drawings. I can see by reviewing the 2nd one how it could appear to be a utility ground loop & the more ground rods (5) the better connection between loop (4) hot and the 3.2 negative side/neutral side. The same logic applies to Fig. 6 2nd diagram.

For the 1st drawing in each (figure 5, 6), I don't really understand why they have the 3.1 (hot) connected to the loop (4), because in those, it looks like a regular circuit since source + and source - go straight to the load. I'll test these setups and post my results. If anyone has insights, feel free. I'm sort of starting from scratch, but with a 30 ground rod field in what appears to be a high magnetic zone (depends on which satellite image I use), I figure I'll give it a shot.

From the testing I did yesterday, it's very obvious that it is super easy to fool the kill-a-watt power meters by simply not running the path to ground/neutral back through them.
Where I can find the translated patents into English ?
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