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Question Using a solar cell module as a parametric oscillator

While trying to solve the mystery of Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso's parametric metamaterial, I've decided that it must be made of silica in the form of a solar cell module or else a quartz crystal oscillator. I reversed the logic in my normal reasoning ...

If sunlight can place a voltage difference across a solar panel, .... and

If a voltage difference can alter the dimensions of a quartz crystal oscillator, ... then

A voltage difference across a solar panel may alter its dimensions enough to also alter its capacitance.

So, I made another one of my parametric excitation circuit simulations incorporating this concept, ...

Circuit Simulator Applet ported to JavaScript by Iain Sharp, from the original in Java by Paul Falstad, Used Here to Promote the Simulation of Surges Arising from the Judicious Use of Negative Resistance.

... and then looked for confirmation online...

But what about Sangulani's claim that he is irradiating his parametric metamaterial with radio waves, not varying voltages directly as I am postulating?

Perhaps my circuit simulation hints at an interpretative answer? What if his use of the term, "radio waves", is patent speak for the electromagnetic (inductive) influence which coils have on parametric capacitance? Then, these "radio waves" are not being sent through the air so much as through the circuit itself. Maybe....

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