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n 2011 the OPERA Collaboration published (in a non-peer reviewed arXiv preprint) the results of neutrino measurements, according to which neutrinos are slightly traveling faster than light.[165] The neutrinos apparently arrived early by ~60 ns. The standard deviation was 6σ, clearly beyond the 5σ limit necessary for a significant result. However, in 2012 it was found that this result was due to measurement errors. The end result was consistent with the speed of light,[166] see Faster-than-light neutrino anomaly.

In 2010, MINOS reported differences between the disappearance (and thus the masses) of neutrinos and antineutrinos at the 2.3 sigma level. This would violate CPT symmetry and Lorentz symmetry.[167][168][169] However, in 2011 MINOS updated their antineutrino results, reporting that the difference is not as great as initially expected, after evaluating further data.[170] In 2012, they published a paper in which they reported that the difference is now removed.[171]

In 2007, the MAGIC Collaboration published a paper, in which they claimed a possible energy dependence of the speed of photons from the galaxy Markarian 501. They admitted, that also a possible energy-dependent emission effect could have cause this result as well.[50][172] However, the MAGIC result was superseded by the substantially more precise measurements of the Fermi-LAT group, which couldn't find any effect even beyond the Planck energy.[47] For details, see section Dispersion.

In 1997, Nodland & Ralston claimed to have found a rotation of the polarization plane of light coming from distant radio galaxies. This would indicate an anisotropy of space.[173][174][175] This attracted some interest in the media. However, some criticisms immediately appeared, which disputed the interpretation of the data, and who alluded to errors in the publication.[176][177][178][179][180][181][182] More recent studies have not found any evidence for this effect (see section on Birefringence).

Search for Lorentz violation.
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