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Where are the assets truly parked? Italian debt bomb

Armstrong, "During such period of civil unrest, capital contracts and begins to hoard. This is what caused the German Hyperinflation"
"The 3rd century AD is when we have the most hoards, but they tend to cluster also around civil unrest and civil wars. If people are fearful or uncertain about the future, they do NOT spend and they contract. So the global trend I am highlighting with respect to rising civil unrest is important economically. The fact that this trend is WORLDWIDE, is particularly alarming for it further supports the fact that we are in the Sixth Wave and 2032 will be the generational change of monumental proportions."
Excellent article about the generational shift.

ZH has an article about where the rich park their money. Here is a graph.
You look at the graph and, it seems pretty straightforward and obvious.
But, then you read the comments;

Heros TheSilentMajority Tue, 06/26/2018 - 01:07 Permalink

Actually the US is by far the biggest money laundering center on the planet. Delaware and Nevada corporations can be owned anonymously, which is a strict AML violation. No other OECD country can get away with this bull**** but JewSA. Only the US has all the obscure taxfree loopholes for Trusts and Foundations ala Clinton Foundation, and only the US has the muscle to make the rest of the world recognize them. This article clearly fails to recognize US trusts and foundations with hidden foreign ownership or beneficiaries.

Switzerland has bilateral OECD wealth and income reporting to all the countries in the EU, the US doesn't and refuses to cooperate. EU citizens cannot hide their wealth tax free in Switzerland, they can in the US.

Then there is unilateral FATCA and FBAR reporting to the IRS through type 1 and 2 bilateral agreements forcing any country using the US dollar to provide reporting all all bank customers with US indicia. Now since TCJA there is the unilateral wealth seizure known as the Transfer tax, and all retained earnings for CFC's will subject to GILTI and taxed at 17.5%.

You also fail to consider art markets and real estate as a method for storage and transfer of ill begotten wealth. Offshore ownership of real estate in Florida alone would dwarf Switzerland, and likely Hong Kong and Singapore too."[/I]

In Italy, the left and the right combined to throw out entrenched eurocrats. Merkel got her teeth kicked in, figuratively.
Well, it didn't stop there. Apparently, the Germans took a hint from the Italians.
6/27 Increasing chance CSU aligns with AfD in Bavaria, completely splitting Germany – Mish

America knows that gold-backed bonds will be introduced to keep the State from doing unlimited currency expansion. America currently exports more gold than it produces.
As many of you know, John Bedini talked about producing elemental gold. In both The Cejka Files and, Petrovoltaics he talks about the subject. I wouldn't be surprised in newly manufactured gold was making it's way into the system.

6/27 Italy’s crunch moment in the bond market – Bloomberg
Italy wants to cancel 250 billion Euros.
5-Star, League want ECB to forgive 250 billion euros of Italy debt: draft ...
This may very well set off a panic in the bond market.
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