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99percent of what you see in the MEDIA is mind warping trash.

Q= Potus

July will reveal everything yet lame stream media will not pick it up.

Almost 100% of the MSM- Main Stream Media= MSM is a twisted lie of
reality yet over half the country swallows the bait. A side winder twists
and turns in the sand, has no ears to hear and knows nothing other
than who it can bite. This is the MSM

Nearly 100% of everything you read is a lie the average Joe gulps down
with a fool hearty gasp of delight. Every comedy is filthy lies. There is
only one reality and the American Media can not see it nor do THEY
report on it.

Here is what high level intelligence says. If we were to name and arrest
all of the corrupt high level Justices, lawyers, Judges, Congress people
the entire world system of control would completely collapse.

These people own the MSM= Main Stream Media outlets and use their
power to trash and do away with all in their path. THEY are Unholy,
unlovely, in considerate Lucifer toting criminals. No regard for life or liberty.

THEY hate America, THEY tell us that in THEIR MSM.

THEY drink the raw blood of babies. THEY eat human flesh, THEY own
MTV, Hollywood and the MSM. It is common knowledge that the elite
drink blood as part of THEIR generational religious practices.

Except for Reagan all previous presidents have been eagerly part of this
cult known as a Cabal. They are into witchcraft and do not hide it.

They own the MSM. THEY twist and poison your mind as part of THEIR
ritualistic spell over your thoughts. In the end if you continue to go
with theselies you become a liar like THEY are.

This makes you part of THEM. This makes clear who's voice you follow,
this shows you love THEIR darkness more than light, because the
light you do not seek.

This is because you operating as a natural man who without the power of
discernment is easy prey for THEIR mind games. It is your mind that
is your HIGH PLACE or center of worship. Sorry that is not enough.

All men are spiritual beings and the mind is not the complete picture. The
mind is an enemy without the rest of the pieces.

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