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Energy received by multiple charge batteries in parallel

Thanks again Aaron for the info on cap capacity, and the specifics on the photoflash caps to get. That makes all the difference. I'm going to try to duplicate the circuit laid out on p.47.

I'll be ordering most of the parts from the states which will take 3 - 4 weeks. In the meantime I want to be doing something with the SG. I don't want to charge starter batteries with radiant energy, as afterwards, they will quite likely not be rechargeable with convention hot electricity, but I did see something suggesting I can charge all but one of them with regauged energy, if I hook up several batteries in parallel on the output side.
Is that correct?

I forgot where I copied it from, but here's the quote explaining the idea.

"OK, why CAN we swap batteries that have been capacitor dump charged, but not diode direct charged? Because the capacitor has REGAUGED the energy and we can use the battery as primary immediately. Well, the batteries being charged in line AFTER the first secondary battery, in parallel on the back end, have the energy REGAUGED BY THE FIRST SECONDARY BATTERY that is hooked up to the output of the unit. It is just like getting the energy through a capacitor! Batteries are just really slow capacitors, after all. The only battery that CANNOT be swapped to primary is the first battery in line on the output side that is directly hooked to the radiant output."

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