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Gerard Pole Transformer replication here.

3600watt generator running 7000watts on the output side.

So it really does not seem like we understand electricity.

Originally Posted by kenssurplus View Post

Whoever is interested in this topic, enough to at least post a reply to the thread, has demonstrated at least a willingness to talk about this setup or tech of Morin's. That was one of Mikey's initial requests. Coordination has been done by the O.P. / thread owner by self appointment.

Now comes the crux of the matter "winning the confidence of the guys interested". There are a number of qualified persons on the thread who are willing to do something, who have done something, and are willing to share about it. Some are very experienced working around High Voltage and High Power systems. Some don't even have the faintest clue how many amps can kill you.

If we do as Desa recommends, and go do something else, some of the guys with the high voltage knowledge and experience are likely to leave, if their confidence, or abilities, or whatever, are made to feel uncomfortable. Do you want to get hurt really bad? How about someone else? This stuff has the capability and WILL do so if given the chance. Its far better to work together very carefully rather that trying to learn it all by yourself.

If you want to talk to someone who has knowledge of things, then you have to use language that they can understand. If you try to use made up mumbo jumbo, then you will get only those that understand mumbo jumbo in your conversation. They guys who have experience with these high power components, understand AMPS as well as other STANDARD terms and procedures. That is part of the language you must use to converse with them. To try and belittle people, won't get anything done - on anyones part!

Now for all my spouting off, I have run pole pigs. I am not really comfortable suggesting anyone go out and play with them. It being similar to telling a kid to go play pin the tail on the donkey on the interstate blindfolded. You can see one of them here:

If Gerard is interested in people understanding the tech, not just propping himself up as a Guru, then he should not be afraid to speak the language. The same for anyone else wanting to play.
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