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Originally Posted by Markoul View Post

I believe after this demonstration there is no one in doubt that the fields at the poles are totally separated and joined and controlled only at the dielectric plane aka Bloch region. Dipole magnetism is two monopoles joined together. There is no flux going directly from on pole to the other.

I could be wrong but empirical evidence so far suggests the above.

I wonder what we will see if you submerge a ring magnet?
Hello my friend Markoul!

Been busy friend...NOW...THAT'S WHAT I MEANT BEFORE!!!
Making a preparation(2 drops ferrofluid by as Oz of Coconut Oil) like that...which allows to see field in 3D

Thanks for uploading it!

Edit: I would like to see what Bistander has to say now...since it is quite clear and very noticeable...the waist right at center of magnet...

Kind regards


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