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Hunting taxes to feed the blob State

LOTS of reading. You don't have to read the whole article, just enough to get a general feel for it. The State has the lawbooks, taxing authority and the guns. It attracts the corrupted. It spends without conscience. It is corrupt and, all powerful in it's domain. Why should it concern itself with the problems of the little guy?
"Whenever you add more bureaucracy, that needs to be funded and the net difference falls to the private sector. You can see that despite all the drums and clatter about how the Eurozone would be the largest economy in the world and beat the USA to a pulp, they managed to fall to third place as China has risen to take the second spot."
"The economic growth of Britain peaked the year before they joined the EU. The greater the size of the bureaucracy, the lower the economic growth. This is why I say that socialism is dying. Government is just incompetent and cannot build and grow an economy. "

"The Supreme Court in SOUTH DAKOTA v. WAYFAIR, INC, just handed down the most devastating and unconstitutional rule perhaps in American history in a 5-4 ruling that we will look back upon as the straw that broke the back of the economy. The Supreme Court has totally rejected EVERYTHING that the United States was built upon No Taxation Without Representation."
"If you fail to collect sales taxes, they will hit you with penalties and interest rates in the 20%+ level that will far exceed the gross sales in those states. This will simply make it IMPOSSIBLE to conduct business nationwide."

"South Dakota v Wayfair demonstrates the hunt for taxes that I have been warning will tear the United States apart and will destroy the economy going forward contributing to the shift in the Financial Capital of the World to China. So if you wanted a REASON for that shift, you now just received it from the Supreme Court."
"It was the Supreme Court which also ruled that they never made an explicit exception, so the IRS can collect it worldwide. Today, the Supreme Court has once again delivered a devastating blow to the US economy long-term."
"The Supreme Court, therefore, OVERRULED two previous decisions in order to help state hunt down taxes."
"Any alteration to those rules with the potential to disrupt the development of such a critical segment of the economy should be undertaken by Congress. The Court should not act on this important question of current economic policy, solely to expiate a mistake it made over 50 years ago.

Unlike most people, Armstrong has a list of proposed solutions. VERY good article on separation of powers.

(1) Separate judges from the state and clearly establish human rights.
(2) We must end career politicians for every Republican form of government ends in corruption and surrenders to an oligarchy without exception over 6,000 years of recorded history.
(3) There should be qualifications for politicians.
(4) We need some form of government or we end up with anarchy but at the same time, we cannot surrender all rights, privileges, and immunities to the state.
(5) The Majority must be restrained from suppressing the minority be it religion, race, or gender
(6) Only the People should take up positions in the legislative and they should be limited to one-year terms. If they must return to the private sector then they will never enact legislation that they themselves would not want to live under.
(7) No tax may subject a person to paying greater than 10% of their total income annually with state and local governments.
(8) Federal Government must be prohibited from borrowing and its funding should be serviced by the creation of new money.
(9) Any prosecution for a crime MUST be based upon the complaint of a private citizen and not government unless the crime is against government directly.
(10) No one may be imprisoned or have their liberty constrained except for crimes of violence against another.

"Taxes are the root of all evil for this is the confrontation against the people that historically leads to civil unrest and then revolution. The American and French Revolutions were over taxes. "
"will come to a head because governments will never reduce their costs and will always demand more and more taxes from the people until the bubble bursts."

Armstrong, "Our model has been warning is that the bankers are losing control of government and are now becoming their target. While the likelihood of this new legislation coming out of the Senate and over the House may not be so great, nonetheless, this bill illustrates just how desperate the search for money has become. Politicians are the worst enemy of the people for never do they look at their impact upon society and the future. It is always about them and the immediate need never long-term.

This is the first time in modern history where Capitol Hill has produced powerful members of Congress whom are looking at taking on the Federal Reserve and its member banks. "

More articles;
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