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Overview from Rickards,,, oil-yes,,, SDRs-no

Jim Rickards has a LOT of experience in world capital markets. Here, he writes a very good article focused on defaults in emerging markets. It is well worth a read.
"Once that happens, even the stronger countries such as China lose reserves rapidly and end up in default. In a worst case, a full-scale global liquidity crisis commences, this time worse than 2008."
"The IMF will soon run out of lending resources and will have to pass the hat among the richer members. But the Europeans will have their own problems, and the U.S. under President Trump is likely to reply, “America First,” and decline to participate in bailing out the EMs with U.S. taxpayer funds.

At that point, the IMF may have to resort to printing trillions of dollars in special drawing rights (SDRs) to reliquify a panicked world. SDRs are essentially world money. Elites are working behind the scenes to ultimately replace the dollar with SDRs as the leading reserve currency."
These "elites" who are hard at work are all in the West.
The crash is definitely coming. The IMF hopes to create megatons of SDRs. This will be our new "one world" currency.
There is a slight possibility that this scheme would work if America and the West did not have to import anything. There is a slight possibility that this would work if America did not need markets for exports.
More to the point, the IMF plans to have everybody accept SDRs for payment of oil. NOT GOING TO FLY.

Combined Compliance For OPEC, Non-OPEC Hits 86% | › Energy › Oil Prices

"Congress Is Considering A Bill Enabling Anti-Trust Litigation Against OPEC"
Do you see the coming tug-o-war? Russia, China and Iran are buying up all the oil,,, blending it and, brokering it to consumers.

Russia Looks to Strengthen Ties with Mexico as NAFTA ... - PanAm Post › North America › Mexico
Targeted by Trump, Mexico Courts Putin's Russia, Xi's China | Civic ...

Canada is pissed off. Mexico is pissed off and looking to Russia. Venezuela oil production is falling fast. Our close-in oil suppliers are not looking so good.
The East would rather chew barbed wire than accept SDRs from the great satan. Pox Americana is going around the world trying to whip everybody into line using sanctions, fines and lawsuits. The deep State would prefer to also use the military but, it has been gutted by corruption from the MIC.
Immediate implementation of the FUSOR + our existing oil supplies would allow us to survive. But, our export markets would still be moribund.

The FUSOR won't get immediate implementation.
The coming battle is between gold and the SDR. The US/IMF would like to strongarm Russia and Iran into accepting SDRs for oil.
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