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This Govt Deep State wants to separate God out of this country so
THEY trafficking children for their organs and smooth skin, a little
group eats human flesh, See Kesha MTV video drinking blood out a
heart that had been quickly removed from a human.

You can't take out religion in this fight for law and order.

The Govt is trying to stop the vet's from saving children. Meth pours
over the border. Listen to Lewis say "There are bodies all over the desert"
he is answering the 'LIVE STREAM" no justice? Nope.

Can you imagion a child crying hoping and thinking surely someone
will help me get free? Do you realize the old veterans living out there in
the desert homeless camps have to hear this in the night? Maybe you
can understand why some of them can not keep from ending it
for themselves? Do you ever think about this or do you believe the
MSM telling you the Vet's are nut jobs?

And the little girls all have hot pants and want 20 men a night? You
listen and believe that narrative? You do? The young people are beaten
and pimped and do not get that money for sex with 20 peeople a day.

Those making policy get the money. But you believe the MSM telling you
a 100,000 girl want 20 sex acts a night for fun? Money? Is there a woman
alive that wants 20 men a day for sex? Yet you brush this off and go
with the TV brainwashing? You do? You are that blind? You are?

The USA schools have removed God out of your hearts leaving a kind of
spiritually neutered individual. That was and is the goal. Wake up.

Laser spotter 100's of them, seeing the teams coming. These are
night time operations. The MS13 gangs use technology to out maneuver
in coming and have ground senors planted thru out the desert.

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