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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Batteries that are charged and conditioned over time with the spikes sometimes cannot be charged with normal hot current chargers or even cap dump. They're not weaker, but the type of energy is different than hot current, which has different effects.

That is one of the reasons the commercial ones went to cap dump immediately after is because it was desirable that they are still compatible with normal chargers.

If you want to start selling rejuvenated batteries to others, it is a good idea to get to the cap dump method and experiment with that.
I didn't see the obvious reason. It makes complete sense.

I also read somewhere that there's a way to set up multiple charge batteries and that the ones that come aftert the first one receive current that's been conditioned by it (rather than receiving the spikes), and thus will work as run batteries (and if so, with regular chargers/alternators too).
Is that, or some variation of it, correct?
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