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VZ oil,,, China and American oil,,, CORRUPTION

Norges, biggest sovereign wealth fund, takes tough line on corruption ...
Some leaders are corrupt, some aren't. Unfortunately for Malaysia, there is at least $100 billion missing.

VZ can't pay the oil engineers but, it spends $ 3.6 million a day for spoiled daughters.
Report: Hugo Chavez's Daughter Is Richest Person in Venezuela
VZ doesn't have enough money to buy the light crude needed to blend with it's "axle grease". In addition, the State spent LOTS of money on welfare and, almost nothing on it's oil workers.

China is the largest customer for U.S. crude......................................
"On Friday, Beijing threatened to impose tariffs on US energy products in response to $50 billion in tariffs imposed by US President Donald Trump. Such tariffs would inhibit Chinese refiners from buying US crude imports, potentially crashing US energy markets "
Trump is a RE mogul. He has to depend on his advisors to let him know about possible fallout to his planed decisions. Sabers were rattled at North Korea and,,,, China sent bombers to patrol Taiwan. Is everybody in the State debt so stupid that they didn't foresee that?
Trump sanctions China to cause a reduction in the trade deficit. Did State totally ignore the possible repercussions?

Something you knew all along,
Derivatives were created to generate fees when banking became TOO crowded. It is still too crowded. Not only that, it is just an information business.
Super Mario said that he is going to turn left AND right at the same time.
"We are simply at the end of the road of this complete insanity. So buckle up. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime and make sure you keep your hands and feet safely inside the vehicle. Is the ECB risking a total collapse in public confidence when they discover you cannot keep rates artificially low and end QE simultaneously?"
While I might advise that you buy more popcorn, that does not mean that I am insensitive to the plight of Europeans who will see millions of deaths and a drastic reduction of your living standards. All I can do,,, I do here on this blog.

Some of the big money is moving into gold.
6/18 Mattis: Puttin is trying to “undermine America’s moral authority” – Caitlin Johnstone
The awful slice of America that is blowing up the world has ZERO moral authority.
Hopeless European millennials.
Hopeful American millennials,

6/18 Consumers stubbornly cling to cash after multiple hacks and system outages – WS
Change "stubborn" to intelligent.
6/18 Emerging Asia hit by foreign investor exodus – Bloomberg Plan "A"
6/18 Financial hole for SS and Medicare even deeper than experts say – MW
Yep SS is bust. Actually, NOT true. SS has a whole pile of Non-negotiable Treasury bonds that it received for it's cash. The cash was desperately needed to make wars in the ME that were necessary for our protection.
6/18 Fed’s Dudley complains unemployment is too low, rate hikes needed – Mish
95 million of working age who are not in the labor force. A crippling skills-gap that can't realistically be overcome. Just wait til a couple hundred thousand bankers hit the pavement.
Plant a garden AND buy more popcorn.
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