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spike vs cap dump

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
Thanks for explaining what power windings are. Mine has 7 twisted together as described.

It sounds like your answer to whether batteries charged only with radiant spikes are ready for use in vehicles afterwards is yes and that the radiant spike charging process doesn't produce batteries weaker than or inferior to those charged by caps.

If not please correct me as my idea for now is to both learn from the SG as is without doing any more mods - as you're suggesting, and to sell the successfully rejuvenated starter batteries as being ready to use in vehicles.
Batteries that are charged and conditioned over time with the spikes sometimes cannot be charged with normal hot current chargers or even cap dump. They're not weaker, but the type of energy is different than hot current, which has different effects.

That is one of the reasons the commercial ones went to cap dump immediately after is because it was desirable that they are still compatible with normal chargers.

If you want to start selling rejuvenated batteries to others, it is a good idea to get to the cap dump method and experiment with that.
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