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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Many people build these with 7-8 power windings and 1 trigger - all wires same length and wound together on the same core - good idea to twist them all together before winding.

The rejuvenation/battery secrets video's main intended purpose applied to the chargers we sold, but it applies to the radiant spikes as well. First commercial charger we offered was a radiant spike charger - it was exactly based on the SG. After were all cap dumps or linear current chargers.

The cap discharge is more advanced but not that difficult. I'd experiment with the radiant spikes first on the SG to learn more about how it works, then look into charging caps and discharging caps.
Thanks for explaining what power windings are. Mine has 7 twisted together as described.

It sounds like your answer to whether batteries charged only with radiant spikes are ready for use in vehicles afterwards is yes and that the radiant spike charging process doesn't produce batteries weaker than or inferior to those charged by caps.

If not please correct me as my idea for now is to both learn from the SG as is without doing any more mods - as you're suggesting, and to sell the successfully rejuvenated starter batteries as being ready to use in vehicles.
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