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So much important information exactly at the right time for me, thanks!

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
You're using starter batteries...
They’re a lot easier to get here, and one of my goals with the SG is to use it to start a business rejuvenating them.

With starters, they don't have a true amp hour rating, but can be guesstimated. If the cca is 500, divide by 10 for 50 and you have a ballpark 50 amp hour rating. So 50 divide by 20 hours = so 2.5 amps is the preferable draw to get the full capacity out of the battery (if it was a deep cycle).
Thanks for telling me how to figure approximate AH for starters. Apart from deep cycle batt's, I'm assuming C20 is the best discharge rate for starters too.

If they're flooded cell batteries, they need to be charged to 15.1 to 15.3 volts and for the third time just so there is no question about it, don't discharge the starter batteries below 12 volts.
I really appreciate you hammering the point home. I was going to follow the discharge rate Peter laid out in the video, which would have been a very bad idea.

[/B][/B]By the way, your coil needs to be big enough or with enough power windings to give a big enough output kick to push the flooded cell batts to 15.1-15.3. If they're old used batts you're dealing with then you will probably see those voltages no matter what because the sulfation will force the voltage up. Then the voltage drops as you desulfate it I'd recommend both presentations here: Battery Secrets & Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann.
I hadn’t yet considered modifying anything, but it makes sense that the radiant spikes will go up if the coil is bigger, and that that may be necessary to charge bigger batteries - though I assume additional protective measures have to be incorporated and larger capacity components used, etc.

“Big enough” sounds like increasing the coil size by lengthening the wires. Is “power windings” another way of saying the same thing, or something else? I imagine thicker wire would draw more battery current and be a bad idea. If my existing setup has a hard time getting starter batteries to reach 15.1-15.3, I’ll make another coil.

I did order the Battery Rejuvenation video a few days ago and it’s a huge help, but your clarification that the discharge rates mentioned in it don’t apply to starter batteries almost needs to be included. Though It was about rejuvenating batteries with the chargers and not the SG, I assume the SG was "Charger Model 1" and is a good alternative - especially since the chargers are no longer available.

The model I've built only charges with radiant energy rather than the regauged(?) energy that comes out of the capacitor (or charge batteries in series after the first one). Are starter batteries ready to be used in vehicles after being charged with only radiant energy, or do they need the conditioned current that’s gone through a capacitor or another battery first?
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