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"Where we go one we go all?" Does anyone really understand this phase?
We here in the USA have a code. It is different than all other nations.
We stood for freedom and still do but to reach that goal we must stand
together in common unity.


All the nations of the earth look at the USA as a place of refuge because
they know once they get here we will love and protect them but that
only counts nowadays as long as the criminal Govt doesn't get a hold
on any of them to traffic people or drugs.

The evil does exist yet the whole of humanity does love one another
and help one another so we need to separate these two ideas right off
the bat.

The Govt does not have the right to rule over the people anyway they
want, especially treating the people as a disposable resource for their
consumption. That is what we have now.

God and country means we love our bill of rights based on the golden
rule pulled directly out of the Holy Scriptures. Not, do unto others BEFORE,
they do it unto you. That is not OUR GOD'S plan and therefore not
part of our country.

You can not take God out of this equation and replace it with a random
set of ever changing guidelines made up by whoever comes along.

The USA has risen to this pinnacle of power to govt/police the whole
world in a short 240 years due to Holy Principles instilled into our tender
young children. Purity and innocence are cultivated as specified by

Let me cut to the chase, here is the condensed version of what you
are witnessing as planned in advanced by the SELF EXISTENT ONE>

Men in general refuse to acknowledge where their success comes from
taking all of the Glory unto themselves but when failure comes blame
everyone or anything.

That is mankind that does not follow the light inside they have all been
given, they love darkness. Mankind wants to be worshiped.

Trust the plan, HIS plan is to turn us back to HIM so he allows us to have
our way so we fall into confusion then finally destruction. And right at
the brink some of every generation (40years prime time) cry out and HE
saves them out of their stupidity/troubles.

An enemy was permitted to plant evil people among the Holy who are
quite often swallowed up like lambs in the mouths of Lions. Evil minds,
Holy thought, righteous behavior, filthy deeds all mixed into together
called THE PUBLIC.

Welcome to confusion.

THUS SAITH THE LORD is written over and over in our Bible and one of
those passage ways starts out like that telling us that at the end when
trouble will overwhelm the entire earth we hear GOD SAY

I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS. This is synonyms with confusion or in other
words our own confusion is allowed to flourish to such a point that it
shakes us the entire process of world unity.

I WILL SHAKE ALL NATIONS and then HE proceeds to tell us the reasoning
behind HIS allowance of this condition. HE stated


I WILL PLEAD WITH THEM FACE TO FACE and then the final goal


The purpose of the plan. No one will be exempt, every nation on earth
will be brought face to face with the plan as you and I see unfolding.


Like children fighting amongst one another the Nations do the same for
the approval of their peers. SO the plan was to take a ridiculously tiny
group of rag tagged people under HIS wing many thousands of years

HE (The God of the Bible) took this small group knowing that without help
they could never defeat the nations of the past due to numbers, this way
it would be obvious who was causing their success.

In the Bible God sent out the young Jewish men to war against the
nation who would sacrifice their children one after the other to please
a deity. In the Bible God was angry and tho out numbered his tiny army
comprised of Jews began to win even at 100:1 odds.

Now many of us have heard these Bible stories and enjoyed the tales
of hero's rescuing the weaker, however not all time periods were so
pleasant. Success is a wonderful thing and defeat taught them about
the err of their ways going away from the direct commands of the

The nations are consumed with killing the 8 million living Jews on the
earth to this day. HE chose them not because they are or were better
but rather because they were small in number and would not be able
to take the Glory of HIS victory.

When I fear God it is the fear of falling out of HIS love. HE is terrible
there is no doubt. Doesn't anyone ever ask the question why a tiny
group of only 8 million people on earth should be the focal point for
all of it's problems?


The Judgement coming is not on you, it is coming on the leaders folks
so keep doing what you always do, keep loving and helping one another.

Another passage projecting things into the future says

also are synonymous. The people have the candle/ gift of HIS goodness
and are angry as they should be with an evil Govt rule that ruins
everything it touches. Again the judgement is on the rulers who hate
the people and love their gOds of money/power.

.................................................. ..............

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