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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
What are the specs on your big batteries? Sorry if you already mentioned.
I'm not sure what specs to mention, but here's the current voltage on them, and the manufacturers stated specs.

I have 2 with pop tops and 2 sealed for now (I can get as many as I want from a couple local parts stores, though I have to pay a core charge for the ones I decide to keep).

The pop tops
Batt. 1. voltage 10.20.
AH not listed, instead says CR 120 minutes.
CCA 570

Batt. 2. voltage 12.49 (was at 12.46 before I got in a few min's of charging with the SG).
Reserve 55 minutes
CCA 525.

Batt. 3. voltage 12.46. Reserve 80 min. CCA 460

Batt. 4 voltage 12.14. Reserve 90 min., AH 65, CCA 550.
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