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tuning the sg

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
I'm using 12 gauge stranded wire. Should I use bigger? Is stranded better or single strand?

The only connectors I have are the alligator clips to the batteries. I soldered everything else. Do the size of the clips make a difference?

I'll get a small bulb and add it to the circuit. As a novice all I can tell is that it will add a bit more resistance, but I suspect there's more to it. What it's purpose?

The 100 ohm resistors I have in are 1 watt. Should I change to 1/2 watt?

I finally found a place with wirewound pots here, but...the smallest is 5k ohms, .2 watts and 150 volts. Will that work?
Do not use any alligator clips at all. Make sure you have proper terminals connected to the battery.

1 watt 100 ohm resistor is fine.

Bulb gives you a visual indicator of current there. Best to get a feel for it - tune it with the bulb and see what the bulb does.
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