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Originally Posted by wrtner View Post
This can be a serious problem. I plan to use two layers of duct tape with a layer in between of the green plastic shown in this picture of a pallet of bricks:

It is very strong and is to be found lying around building sites and merchants. I'll give the surfaces to be glued with Araldite a good sanding first.

Don't ever stand in the plane of the rotating disc which should be up against a wall.
I didn't really respond to your comment very well so I wanted to revisit it. Your idea seems pretty bulletproof. The reason I went off on bike inner tubes and rim liners is that here in Costa Rica, with the heat and humidity things like tape or anything with plastic in it tend to breakdown, come unglued, etc. quicker than in colder climates. Rubber dries out here too, but bike inner tubes last a lot longer than duct tape for instance (which dries out and starts crumbling eventually) and being one continuous piece without any joints to break down gives them a big edge.
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