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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
With big batteries, also use large cables and other connectors.

For my pot-meters, I use Bourne brand - I personally like the 20 turn ones so it is very precise. You could do 2k ohm. Not sure of the wattage rating right off.

You can put a bulb in series - 25ma bulb like a flashlight bulb or something. So trigger wire> 2k ohm potmeter > 100 ohm 1/2 watt resistor > bulb > gate of transistor.
I'm using 12 gauge stranded wire. Should I use bigger? Is stranded better or single strand?

The only connectors I have are the alligator clips to the batteries. I soldered everything else. Do the size of the clips make a difference?

I'll get a small bulb and add it to the circuit. As a novice all I can tell is that it will add a bit more resistance, but I suspect there's more to it. What it's purpose?

The 100 ohm resistors I have in are 1 watt. Should I change to 1/2 watt?

I finally found a place with wirewound pots here, but...the smallest is 5k ohms, .2 watts and 150 volts. Will that work?
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