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Originally Posted by altrez View Post
Hello All,

I have started this thread in hopes to replicate Poor Man's Splitting the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford.

The video and presentation is available on this website and it is a steal at the current price. Here is the link:

Poor Man's Splitting the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford

First question I have is can someone else with a copy of PMSTP share if they have started on a replication? I am working on getting a parts list together and plan to start placing orders in the next few days.

May I call you Al,
I did purchase the Poor man's battery swapper kit. Watched, studied took notes etc.

Really enjoyed the presentation he does. I believe anyone can build exact replication from that kit they sell. That said I'd rather have the Arduino switching setup attached to the 3BGS.

I bought the basic arduino board, 8 relays board, wires, and studied my brains out. My project financier even purchased a new lonovo laptop just for this setup.

I got the Arduino/relay board to cycle on/off a LED. But that's as far as I got.
The programming is what stopped me. Very time oriented. There are others here that can help with this part on Arduino. I'm not there yet.

My list of priorities:
Get 3BGS setup to balance. Check.
Build large upright Dave type generator. Working on it.
Construct larger solar banks to use on system. Later.
Build heavy duty Arduino relay swapper for above system. Last.

My advice is you go to hardware store get the basic swapper like mentioned in the presentation. Build it, watch it, learn all the amazing proof of concept, then improve the setup.

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