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Good thought Turion

Who's laws? All made up bull hunky in many cases to keep us
inside of this little box of energy created and destroyed thing,
like a tiny yoyo. Just make something up, throw a yoyo out there
and watch all the heads go up and down.

I know people have a way of speaking about shattering models
like John Bedini was the only guy who came out with a test for us
stool pigeon's to try, what was it 40yrs ago? Yeah about that and a
person could do COP of 1. That breaks all the school records.

Of course the technology for flying craft as large as a high rise
building became understood by military science in the 1950's so
yeah let's go back to the future I mean past and look at that.

All of this stuff we do by comparison is like a toy yoyo if we could
see how many advancements have been made since then. Floating
cities being levitated effortlessly using small power sources that
uses field interactions that are fairly simple.

Like you have said it is just that we have been taught wrong by
our schools. Anyway I know of no other human on earth to date
that did what John B. did. He showed us a COP 1 device 40 years
with many able to replicate it.

Differential charging is an interesting strategy for recirculating
juice. John's video's had a version that used a 24 volt run and a
12v charge bank so it is not like this is a new subject.

But try to get anyone to validate a COP 1. All the video's relating to
possible COP1 all have question marks after the titles?????????????

John said for 40 years that yup it is COP 1 and the students hear
teacher say it isn't so teacher must be right. 40 years of indecision

Altrez is smart to start splitting the positive like Peter L. has shown us
furthering John's work. Thanks Pete.


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