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Cadman - I didn't notice your latest post until after I had posted a response about your CAD drawing. In regards to a 3 wheel design, yes of course that would work just fine to allow keeping the 4.5-inch radius as the center for bore holes if drilled 90 degrees apart. I had mentioned somewhere in my writings that any number of wheels could be utilized. As you say, a third wheel would allow for the 68 degree angle to be achieved without interference from an adjacent elbow. I'll have to give some thought to perhaps cutting a third wheel. Since my other two wheels have bore holes at 60 degree radians, I would have to drill bore holes at all 30 degree radians on those in order to keep balanced wheels while allowing for the 90 degree pipe placements. Of course I'd also need to acquire a longer shaft and utilize a wider support base.

As things stand, I may have to acquire a longer shaft anyways, unless I can find some shorter end caps for the pipes. The end caps that I found locally have a domed end, so require 1-inch minimum clearance between the 1/4-inch thick wheels if I use them, so that takes up 1.5 inches of shaft length alone. Then I must have 2-inches clearance at the outside of each wheel to allow for rotation clearance between the elbows and the bearing support stands. And as you can see, adding a third wheel would involve the need for an additional 2.25 inches of shaft length. If I do that, I could still use the domed caps if I obtain a longer shaft.

Perhaps I'll order a longer shaft and prepare a wider base so that I could use it first with a two wheel build and then add in the third wheel to experiment with angles and determine whether there is any difference in performance. When I say performance, I'm not talking about faster rotations - I'd be looking for smoother, steadier rotations. I could also utilize the wider base, with extended bearing support arms, for a build using the larger wheels with bore holes 8.5-inches on the radians.

I still favor the simplicity of a 3-inch or larger build, as with those sizes only one wheel is needed, but I did want to try a small build first just to see if the smaller diameter pipe would work. I had guessed that building much smaller than with 1-inch pipe would be restrictive to inflow and outflow of water in the pipes, and there would of course be some point in downsizing where restriction would not allow rotation. Besides restriction, there is also substantial loss of torque in smaller builds.
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