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final tuning

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
I finally got it done. Thanks to those of you who offered advice. I was only able to run it for a short while today because a magnet flew off as it was speeding up since I only had them taped on.

I'd read not to glue them on in the beginning to allow for making final adjustments. I have one magnet every other spoke for a total of 18. Is the final adjusting a matter of trying out more or fewer magnets, or just adjusting their positioning or what?

Also, I didn't have small batteries, so I'm using light truck batteries. Is there any problem with using them instead of smaller ones?
The bigger the batteries the better.

For "final adjusting" - I'd just get used to it running in your current setup and get a feel for it. You can tune the resistor going to the base. You want the fastest speed for the minimum current draw. You can put a pot-meter in series with a fixed resistor like 100 ohms and a couple k ohm variable resistor.
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