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Cool Inductively Adjustable Explosive Synthesis of Electricity

In the course of failing to implement a 10pF to 500pF sweep patterned off of the variable vacuum capacitors available on eBay, I managed to succeed at implementing explosive synthesis of electricity - not by adjusting a capacitive parameter, but - by adjusting an inductive parameter in parallel with the capacitor which I had formerly been sweeping downwards and upwards.

But since this circuit is predicated on the kaboom circuit, I can't get a nice output. Rather, another nasty jolt of explosion - but this time, via inductive adjustment.

A mere incremental increase from 4μH to 5μH does the job provided this circuit is simulated with equivalent series resistance and its parallel capacitor is held at 1F. Without equivalent series resistance, this circuit wants to explode without the need to raise the 4μH coil. And without this parallel inductor, the capacitive transition between nothing happening and this circuit immediately exploding with excess energy is a fraction above 1F. So, rather than attempt to deal with a difficulty the hard way, I elected to make the phase transition the easy way.

The fractional adjustment of the 1F capacitor - without a 4μH parallel coil being present alongside it - was the difference between 1.0000005942F and 1.0000005943F: a difference of 100pF.


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