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Trump drops an IED in the G-7 apple cart

First, here is the picture of Mekel trying to stare down Trump.
Trump showed up late to a breakfast meeting and that puppy-dog Trudeau told them to start without him.
Trump called Trudeau a WANKER.
Trump 17 Minutes Late To G7 Breakfast Meeting
...Trudeau Orders It To Start Without Him

Trump Fires Back At France, Canada As Macron Speaks Of 'G6' Confronting US
Yeah right, Macron and Trudeau,,,, a couple of pussified bait fish in a shark tank.

Trump leaves G7 early for meeting with Kim
Trump Proposes G7 'Zero Tariff' Trade Zone
Trump On Trade - Everyone Is Robbing Us

Zero tariff would cut heavily into State coffers.
Trump NEVER promised to be Mr. nice guy.
6/10 Trump calls Trudeau ‘dishonest’ and ‘weak’, refuses to sign G-7 statement – Mish
Trump pulls out of G7 agreement, calls for end to US being world’s ‘piggy bank’

Going from bad to worse;
Trump Predicts 'Spur Of The Moment' Deal With Kim
The deep-state is trying to block any kind of rapprochement, ANYWHERE.
Is he listening to everybody? all the war hawks?
Is he going to just blow them off?
Trump huffs and puffs about Iran and Russia. Netanyahoooo is getting very nervous that Trump may not do more than just talk. . The media has cranked up the level of anti-Trump hysteria to a deafening crescendo.

But, look what’s coming down the pike.

D-Day for James Comey set for June 14 with release of Justice Department inspector general report --The president said he hopes the report is not being 'made weaker' | 07 June 2018 | Former FBI Director James Comey's date with Washington's political buzzsaw will be June 14.
McCabe seeks immunity for testimony in congressional hearing over FBI handling of Clinton email probe | 05 June 2018 | Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has requested the Senate Judiciary Committee provide him with immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying at an upcoming congressional hearing focused on how senior officials at the FBI and Justice Department handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server,
The head of the FBI, has rolled over??

Sailor pardoned by Trump is suing Obama and Comey for going easy on Hillary Clinton but sending him to prison
Trump leaves G7 early for 'mission of peace' with Kim --Donald Trump heads to Singapore after telling world leaders he wants a free-trade deal among the G7

PEACE, we don't need no stinking peace.
Breaking ranks, Italian prime minister backs Trump's calls for Russia to be readmitted to G-7
More GOOD news, Soros Complains - 'Everything That Could Go Wrong,
Has Gone Wrong'
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