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I know all these are distortions and different manifestations of the aether field (or dark energy as I call) as well different densities of light manifested as matter.

However, balls is just a model, mere representations, (if you ask an scientist they know that these are nothing like balls) and the mainstream accepted linguistic terminology and and vocabulary in order to communicate with each other.

If this linguistic approach is hindering now to see things clear and to find the truth is a big subject for debate.

As I have said in the past , modern science reached a crossroad and had to choose between One Stone and Tesla...unfortunately she took the wrong turn ...or choose the wrong hole!...stupid *****!

So, I admit I don't have your background and can not talk about these things other than with the balls language.

How you would describe the above picture with your words?

...But then with whom I could exhange ideas? You and a couple more guys??

You see what the problem is?

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