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MIT alzheimers treatment Revisited

A recent article in volume 555, March 1, 2018 Nature magazine brought this to my attention. A better version of the study and observing the equipment is posted on you tube by Kane Alson Sept 9, 2017 Light therapy for for Alzheimer's disease photobiomodulation therapy.
Some considerations:

1.It has only been tested on mice.

2.It may only be applicable to the visual cortex.

3.What is the pulse shape of the flicker sinusoidal or square wave or some recent development by MIT. A good visual of the pulsing device is on the video. It looks more complicated than a a typical function generator. Maybe some Bedini type circuit for Rife etc? I there enough information from the visual to copy it? I have not downloaded the latest article in Nature and maybe get some more information.

4. What is the frequency/spectrum of the light output of the LED's. Specific manufacturer?

5. As questioned on the Over Unity post would a Strobe light work. I have a 1500 watt Strobex Model 140 A driving a Model 77 Bulb. It will operate at 40hz. Could filter out frequencies not desired and reduce output to match room.

6. Why 40hz. Another reference is Joachim Keppler, "A Novel Approach to the Scientific Understanding and Exploration of Consciousness PP", and other references to gamma band. Basically Stochastic Electrodynamics SED/ZPE.

This does seem like a worthwhile project. Nature magazine seems to be pushing this project and the assertions in the videos is a search for funding.

I am partial to the analogue, vacuum tube era of Bearden and have garage full of equipment in my endeavor to build an original Rife machine or Biophoton detecting during meditation per the reports of Dean Radin, G Schwartz, Persinger group, and many others.
But shifting gears to focus on this technology possibly assisted with other recent technology.
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