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Which way the wind blows

Chinese, Russian Foreign Ministers Agree To Boost Coordination On Korean Issue
Trump-Mattis - No Sanctions Relief For North Korea
Until Full, Verifiable, Irreversible Denuclearization
Putin Signs Counter Sanctions Bill Against Trump US
'We Must Respond To Trump US Tariffs And Sanctions On Russia' - Austrian Vice Chancellor

EU Turns To Russia Amid Tariff Spat With Washington

Netanyahu's Anti-Iran EU Trip
NATO chief: Alliance won't defend Israel in war with Iran

Escobar - Why India Is Ignoring US Sanctions And Sticking With Iran
Belarus - If Poland Gets A US Military Base We May Invite The Russian Military
China Views US Claims On South China Sea Militarization As Meddling Official
Chinese General Directly Warns Mattis Against Making 'Irresponsible Claims' And 'Interfering'

When West Can't Control World Unopposed - It Means War
How Trump US Sanctions On Iran Can Help Russia

Trump US On Verge Of Sanctioning EU Firms Involved In Russia's Nord Stream 2 - Sources

Europe is turning against American interests because they are very bad for Europe. At the same time, pox Americana is pushing very hard on China in the south china sea. That isn't going to work out well at all.

"Chinese, Russian Foreign Ministers Agree To Boost Coordination On Korean Issue"
Pox Americana will lay out all of it's demands to N. Korea. We already said that the current U.S. troops in S. Korea are off the discussion table. American politicians told The U.S.S.R that; if they went quietly into the night, NATO would not expand one meter to the East.
NATO Launches Massive Drills In Eastern flank
There is NO reason for a summit with a room full of proven liars.
White House planning for potential Trump-Putin summit: report | TheHill
The entire deep State is trying to get a war going. Trump can save his breath. If/ When he goes to a summit with Kim, he will have a long list of demands that MUST be met. Xi and Putin will be standing in Kim's shadow shaking their heads. Netanayahoo's 8itch is losing influence all around the world. The deep state is waging economic war because it dare not wage kinetic war. I suspect that Trump will go along with Netanyahoo's demands until the world sees itself on the brink of all-out war.

Donald Trump's Power to Declare War is Finally Revoked! - YouTube
Netanyahu Granted Authority to Declare War 'In Extreme Situations' With Only Defense Minister's Approval

The deep State is counting on continued restraint from Iran and Russia. It is doubtful that Xi will show any restraint in the South China Sea.

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