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Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
I'm interested to see how TheoriaApophasis's ideas work when looking
at the Sun's field which extends throughout the entire solar system.

The sun no more "HAS" a field than does a magnet have a field.

Nor does the sun "emit" light, Light is a field perturbation.

a person in a pond flapping their arms doesnt EMIT anything either, its a field (in this case water) perturbation.

the Field around a magnet or the sun is the mediated pressure modalities of the Ether itself.

IAAD (instant action at a distance) cannot be answered with

1. the Atomistic PARTICLE BS of Quantum, or their "virtual photons" which make up a field, which is insane BS in the extreme

2. NOR with the conception that a Sun/ Magnet are EMITTING fields.

IAAD can only be answered the same way you answer light and magnetism, that being the substrate to phenomena, the ether.
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