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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
a dimension is a definition,
see them as you like,
I know people that see only 2 dimensions, "good" and "evil"
I did mention that the first one was a construct ?
I did this for a very good reason.
I personally know of many dimensions, metric, SAE, etheric, and many others.
if you only see 2 of them in any direction,
then I worry you may be missing something
I love your work
what happened to the commercial device you were working on with others ?
or did I remember that wrong ?
I want to see what you have built
and thank you for posting the books of caral krafft, can't tell you enough how much they helped me see the world for what it is
I suspect that it is only language that is your view VS mine

point , line, circle, sphere, then PHASE.

ahhh the Krafft cheese books

that was a gold collection device using diamagnetism of gold to decelerate gold. Thats been built.
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