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Originally Posted by TheoriaApophasis View Post
Mother nature is a sneaky bytch!!! She hides stuff under your nose.

Can you figure out the image the way i took these shots last night on two new Magnetic supercells i made.

Cube magnet on left (all magnetic "poles" look the same, doesnt matter)

RING MAGNET on the right.

the FIELD IMAGE on both are identical.......but BOOM! theres NOTHING THERE

(yes i have the answer)......Can you explain it????? Ooooooooo !!!

I'm going to try.
Note: Your 1st image on the left is a pix of the cube magnet pole, not side.
It correlates directly with your image on the right, which is a pole shot, too.

OK, my take on this phenomenon is the light goes around the pole

due to centripetal spins of what-ever the f*ck a magnetic field is made of.
It's a spinning vortex that won't allow light in. (it's not generating light, so it's not trying to get out). The pressures around the magnets pole are in a similar state as a tornado.

My thoughts on the subject
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