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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Four batteries are all that is required. Take a look at the attached drawing.

You would place a fully charged battery in position B. It would then move to position A. It would then move to position C. Finally it would move to position D which is NOT SHOWN. Position D is the rest position. Positions A and B discharge the battery. Position C charges it. Once it is charged it moves to position D to REST so that all the charge can be absorbed before it moves back to position B to start the discharge cycle all over again. You only need the switching for the four positions. If you are using 6 volt golf cart batteries, then you will have TWO batteries in series at EACH of the positions shown, (plus the resting position not shown) for a total of eight batteries. So if you want run six volt loads you only need FOUR batteries, but if you want to run 12 volt loads you need eight batteries.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting, I have replicated the 3 battery system at least 40 different times I know how that version works if you look back at all my posts you will see what I am saying.

I made this thread to replicate Mr Staffords setup.

Poor Man's Splitting the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford

I have almost figured the first part out. I am just not sure if you need twenty four 6 volt battery's or twelve 12 volt battery's to start with.



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