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Nope, no pics. I loaned the hairpin to a guy in Elk Grove. He tells me that he is afraid to turn it on. I haven't seen it in quite a while. I'm a builder, not a bencher. I just build one project after another. I built a very nice bike wheel SG with a big motorcycle wheel. Turned it on and thought,,, well, that's nice. I even bought the 10 Interstate batteries that JB recommended. Sent it to a guy in Texas but, he never put it together. Finally, sent it back.
I'm joining up the Terawatt device with the Hatem device. Dunno if I will ever actually test it. I built the Skinner gravity motor. I'm looking to give it away,,, along with the fuel-less motor. And, I have an 11 gallon HHO cell as designed by Eagle Research. Need to give that away also.
I built an 3 X 6 wheel with 6 mags for RS in Red Oak, Texas. It was on a common shaft with a large diameter wheel that also had 6 mags. One was axial flux and, the other was radial flux. The 6 in. wheel drove the whole thing. RS said that it worked well. It was kinda SG driving a a gravity field motor.
He reported that JB said it was well-made and interesting.
I just keep building interesting stuff.
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