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Thanks, that all makes sense. I have the grease and thermal insulators for the transistor heat sink interface.

My question is about the other side of the heat sink, where each screw securing a transistor is normally held in place by a metal nut, which I assume heats up along with the sink.

I don't have enough nuts for all my screws (taken out of context that phrase could get me in trouble) so if instead of metal nuts I use a plastic equivalent on 4 screws, will that work, or will they overheat and melt or fail somehow?

I took Aaron's good advice of getting a 1k ohm pot and 100 ohm resistors to replace the 470 ohm'ers so I can do some tuning. Last night though, I finally started reading some older material on the SG and saw comments saying the pot needs to be wire wound as the standard carbon track pots often fry within an hour or so. Mine is probably carbon track as I didn't specify wire wound (if they even have them). Is wire wound essential for SG's running in the attraction mode too? If so, is it worth putting my current one in at all?

In your photo (just like the one of John's circuit) a bus board strip is on top of the transistors. Is it attached with some sort of hot glue/epoxy type stuff between the second and third ones from the left (if not, how is it held in place)? And though I realize they're encased in plastic, is there any risk of shorting the transistors by having it right up against them?
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