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Hey Dennis,

Thanks. I appreciate you clueing me in to the existence of bus board strips and for your circuit photo. I hadn't tried to look for circuit photos online so yours is the only one I've seen apart from the one in the handbook. It gives me more clues about how to do it.

I'm in Costa Rica, out in the boonies a few hours from the city - where whatever they have is.

Even there the selection is scant - no ceramic magnets, nor the type of transistors recommended, nor 1/16" welding rods nor the spool size needed for the coil, etc. so the bus board strips may or may not be available.
This time around I'll just slice a copper tube up the way you're thinking. I also appreciate you letting me know the thickness shouldn't be a problem.

One question about fastening the transistors to the heat sink. I got the right sized screws out of an old boombox today, but only 3 have nuts. Can I just secure the others with pieces of the same plastic tubes they were screwed into or would the plastic be likely to melt against the heat sink? If so, would cutting some metal washers to go between the plastic "nuts" and the heat sink make much difference?

I'm actually a little uncertain about the need for a heat sink in general. The version of the handbook I have explains how to design the SG in the attraction mode and calls for a heat sink. On the other hand, in the video of Peter assembling the kit he says that a heat sink isn't necessary since the attraction mode is being used, and it runs cool.
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