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Pike and wars

As everyone knows, Pike predicted 3 world wars back in 1870.
WW3 - Albert Pike and the Three World Wars
We are NOW in a world war. It is a cyber war,,,, a currency war,,,, a trade war and a cold war that is warming up. It is a resource war. With falling birth rates, it is also shaping up to be a "war" for productive people.
It is a war of ideologies and religion.

The neocons blew up the Middle East to create millions of refugees. The refugees are flooding into Europe to fulfil the Kalergi Plan.
The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - The genocide of the Peoples of Europe | Western Spring
It is claimed that the jews are responsible for the flood of immigrants. You notice that israel takes no black or muslim immigrants. They deport any that enter. The Tribes of Europe are to be destroyed to break up all social cohesion. Once again, the jews are accused of doing this so that there can't be any united resistance against them. They have been kicked out of just about every part of Europe, at one time or another.

As long range delivery of destruction gets ever-more efficient, there is less chance of worldwide kinetic war. Besides kinetic warfare, there are the new energetic weapons as detailed in Tom Bearden's book, Brink of Oblivion.
It is PERFECTLY obvious that the average person does not want war. So far, it is only the leaders who want war. Up until recently, the leaders had no skin in the game. They stayed out of reach of the killing. They sent off the young to die on the battlefield. Weapons have changed and the leaders are now more exposed.
Look at this map of shelters in D.C.
There are also 4 huge underground shelters.
These shelters are no protection from the energetic weapons. Maybe, that will prevent kinetic war.
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