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Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
You are comparing a cathode ray gun pattern and magnet with ferrolens.
Better to simplify that as much as possible to minimal parts which is a homemade cathode ray gun placed into a utility viewing tank.
The translation of criteria into a vacuum gas equivalent. Like primer fields.

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The nano-structure of superparamagnetic columns in the cell and lambert beer law during the window from random to ordered. The least molested state of the magnet is with the ferrolens so it must be close to equilibrium, or ground state of "Nothing" J=0. When an e-beam gives a gas glow pattern could then yield enough info to compare. The aperture grille is at least a vertical optical gradient. The direct 3D inside the vacuum is a better option. I see most scientist have to work privately under medical lab supervision.
The cathode rays are electrons becoming electroluminescent in a gas (plasma).

I propose the combined magnetism and light are kicking out electrons from the atomic structure of the Fe3O4 nanoparticles (transitioning to a lower state). These electrons (phonons) are following the magnetic field, just as the plasma in the cathode ray tube does.

Phonon Ref:
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