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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi dyetalon,

At about 1:02 minutes he approaches the beam head-on with a magnet pole and the beam seams to fold back and never reach the end of the tube. That might cause your dark spot on the CRT.

Won't speculate about the ferrocell. But I've read some interesting facts about them from Michael Snyder. On the ferrocell, the dark spots look the same for N and S poles, on the same magnet or one pole each of N and S from two separate magnets, or no difference between dark spots from real poles or induced poles.


Wow. I didn't see that video before. His plasma experiment reacts the same way as a Ferrocell with a single light source.

I do believe you have a good explanation for the 'black hole'. It does appear to push the electrons back when the magnet gets to a certain point.

Now how can we convince the rest of the world the cell is making electrons?

That's were Markgoul's comment about using an electron microscope to analyze the magneto-optic translation is spot-on.

Too bad I don't have access to one.
And they are way out of my price range.
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