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On the CRT

Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
Before I jump ahead too far, ponder this:

Pix1 is a 'black hole' around a magnet's pole as seen using a Ferrocell.
Pix2 is a 'black hole' around a pole using a CRT.
I know one magnet is a ring and the other is a cube, but a pole is a pole with or without a piece of metal to run thru or not.

I'm talking about the dark spot in the center where the light never goes (or comes from?)

Is this a form of over-saturation or some other phenomenon?
Hi dyetalon,

At about 1:02 minutes he approaches the beam head-on with a magnet pole and the beam seams to fold back and never reach the end of the tube. That might cause your dark spot on the CRT.

Won't speculate about the ferrocell. But I've read some interesting facts about them from Michael Snyder. On the ferrocell, the dark spots look the same for N and S poles, on the same magnet or one pole each of N and S from two separate magnets, or no difference between dark spots from real poles or induced poles.


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