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Sorry if I confused anyone with my previous post about the cell vs. CRT.

Here are a couple of images from the old Sony CRT and a cylinder magnet.
The first one shows the magnet aligned parallel with the aperture grill slots (vertically) and the second pix is with the magnet perpendicular (90') to the slots.

The image that looks like a Ferrocell image is where the magnet is parallel with the slots. I still don't know why the view changes when the magnet is 90'.
It may have something to do with the interlace scanning, but I'm not sure.
Actually if you slowly rotate the magnet from 0' to 90' you will see the rings split and turn from a dipole to a quad-pole. Like this:

oh, there's lots more coming...

Hint: A cathode ray tube (CRT) is really a primitive particle accelerator !
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