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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post

My friend...I see exactly what u see...

Now, I was referring to the relation between 1-Screen where we see Field Versus 2- Light Source.
No matter if light is omnidirectional (as a whole) when photons are traveling through the less concentrated Ferro particles it shows Us "the field" on the glass lens.

Now, look at just the light which is doing this...then establish a traveling path which is going through ferrocell GLASS EDGE...them we realize light path and ferrocell lens are PARALLEL.

CRT: Electron Gun have a Positively HV Metal frame around screen...this fact plus all reflectors on gun, forces beam to go directly plus PERPENDICULAR to Screen

get it?


My friend Ufopolitcs,

Sorry but light is not behaving like you describe, at least not for a non laser light.

Cover the edge perimeter of your ferrocell with black electrical tape and try it out. Ferrocell will show just fine... as long as their is a little spacing left from the tip of the LEDS to the ferrocell perimeter. Neither you can say that the light from the light ring is "skimming" the ferrocell glass surface.

Yes, i am aware of the cathode ray tube operation and I agree with you. And yes magnetic field vector when pole is placed on the crt screen is 180 degrees oposite to electron beam. Electron beam is here the analogue to the nanoparticles inside the ferrofluid. In both cases magnetic vectror B is opposite to the magnetic material as I see it, either it is a Fe3O4 particle or an difference here i believe.

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