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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Yes. Obviously the ferrocell image is rotated.

Dyetalon even says "A cylinder magnet on the CRT has one pole on the glass". Markoul's magnetic axis is parallel to the CRT screen.

Also, did you note Markoul's statement "Also you don's see the electron beam! You see the omnidirectional light emmited by the phosphorus of the screen when excited by the electron beam."? Like what I was telling you when discussing deflection vs rotation.



Sorry but Markoul CRT Image is not with magnet axis parallel to is the same as Dyetalon's...except Markoul's magnet is set further away from screen.

When you place magnet parallel to CRT Screen, you get Four Circles...two above ( on say North top)...and Two below where South would be.

center is just a Divergence of straight lines as in ferrocells.

I have several graphics of this three dimensional model of parallel magnet on top of CRT screen...

You could see it on my video Iron and Light.


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