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Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
Geeze. I didn't want to kill this thread.

Let's talk about nothing

From Wikipedia: "One of the earliest Western philosophers to consider nothing as a concept was Parmenides (5th century BC), who was a Greek philosopher of the monist school.
He argued that "nothing" cannot exist by the following line of reasoning: To speak of a thing, one has to speak of a thing that exists. Since we can speak of a thing in the past, this thing must still exist (in some sense) now, and from this he concludes that there is no such thing as change.
As a corollary, there can be no such things as coming-into-being, passing-out-of-being, or not-being."

OK, I get: even nothing is something!

This is the quantum place that everyone hates (including me).
But there's some interesting theories about the space between it all.
That's where you will find Aether theory, for one thing.
Several times you have referred to "nothing" in the middle of the magnet. I have said, concerning the middle, "nothing special". In other words, the magnet is a homogeneous mixture of grains, domains, and/or particles, so any cross section perpendicular to the axis of magnetization is essentially the same, including the middle.

For the most part, we speak of PMs, permanent magnets. But magnetic fields are also produced by EMs, electromagnets. I contend, and am not alone, that an external magnetic field produced by a PM or by an EM, is indistinguishable to the other. Therefore, is the middle of an air core coil, which is energized and producing a magnetic field, nothing? I say no. There is the magnetic field there.

So, what is nothing? I think nothing is only before and after the Universe. That which is forever hidden from us. Therefore, we know nothing.

Then what is in the vastness of expanse, and inspanse (word?), in between the bits of matter and energy we can detect? Is this nothing? I say no. I believe the Universe is completely filled with fields.

We know some fields. Like gravity, magnetic, electric, but I doubt we know all fields. Is there an aether field? Is there a nothing field? Time field? Life field?



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