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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post

I have a question Timm...I just received some FERROFLUID and I want to do a pretty simple experiment...However I need your advice as you or someone else may have done it before.

Ferrofluid I got is oil I want to dilute a pretty light amount ( not too concentrated) with an oil base clear solution...on a clear container then set a magnet in the center of the volume, then apply lights to see if ferrofluid would form the field shape within mixed solution...where imaging of Field should come up in 3D.

What do you think outcome results be?

Have you done this?... or ever seen this experiment done before?

I have seen it with Iron Filings...but not with ferrofluids.


I don't have time right now to answer your CRT comment, but I have a couple of minutes to answer this one.
Yes, I've done this before, but haven't had satisfactory results that I felt comfortable selling as a reliable product on my site.

But Mike Palazzola has done quite a few custom mixtures. Check his Youtube channel-
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