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Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
Well, your two pennies have matured into a couple of hundred bucks!

I agree with the CRT thing. I was putting magnets on Sony CRT's back in the 90's. When I saw the first dipole field using a Ferrocell, that's when I remembered where I had seen that image before.
Hello Dyetalon,

Well it is indeed interesting, even though Color (RGB) CRT's are a bit complex, since we must realize a few things when analyzing Magnetic Fields Imaging...

I was trying to answer this post last night...and for far better are a most...and am still having issues with my graphics pc.

But, the field looks 90 degrees offset between the CRT images and Ferrocell images. A cylinder magnet on the CRT has one pole on the glass, but the magnet under the cell has each pole visible (sideways).
See pix:
Ok...first thing is to compare between both imaging devices ...

1- The Light Source versus the Imaging Planes relative positioning...This is very important...since your ferrocell lighting is Parallel to the Imaging Plane (visual screen)...while CRT's Beam/Plane (light source) is Perpendicular to fluorescent screen (Imaging Plane).
And so the Projection of Magnetic Field on both screens would be different by parallel to perpendicular relations...which generates a 90 offset.

2- Also, your Field Axis related to screen also perpendicular at CRT...while parallel to ferrocells lens.

3- CRT's, even B&W, have Double Rastering planes at Horizontal plus Vertical to generate a full screen...Now 3 guns RGB have also two rastered planes, except each plane contains the three color Magnetic Field decomposes all these combined gamma of colors to form the projected Field Spectrum.

About colors and their different propagated know better than me on the subject...

However...of all 3 above...main one is #1.

hope you could understand without any graphics...what I have tried to explain above so briefly.


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