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Bolton believes his own lies

Trump Says ‘Libya Model’ (Rape Of Nation, Murder Of
Gaddafi) Not In Store For N Korea IF Kim Makes A Deal
Trump says ‘Libya model’ not in store for North Korea... provided it makes deal with US

Donald Says Kim Won’t Be Ousted Like Libya If He
Gives Up His Nukes (And Rockets)

'Our Country Is Not Libya Or Iraq' - N Korea May
Reconsider Trump-Kim Summit If Guaranteed Safety

It was a dark day when Bolton got confirmed. There will be NO land invasion of North Korea. South Korea just will not do it. While Xi and Putin are playing chess, Bolton is playing checkers. I doubt that there will ever be a summit with Pox Americana. The District of Corruption can take it and shove it. The Wolfowitz doctrine is in full play.
China will send Taiwan back to the Stone Age if Pox Americana tries to force N. Korea to capitulate. They might fry S. Korea just to get warmed up.
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