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Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
I've been looking into this for years now and haven't got very far.
I'm a layman and it's led me into Feynman territory so I think it's
time for me to give up.
I felt the same way once I realized I would learn more in the quantum realm.
Maybe you just need a break.

That's what I did in 2009. Got away from it. Had some time to think about other stuff -but damn, I got back into it again in 2014.

Magnetism is so awesome that it's addicting.

Who cares if we can't explain it to the 'Nth' degree.
It's kinda like comparing Religions. Different words telling the same story.

If we keep discussing what we see and what we measure we'll probably argue- its human nature; but if we have a little respect for our differences, we can argue without insulting each other. Just my thoughts...
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